Build Your First Chatbot With SAP Conversational AI

Consumers are increasingly aware of the presence of bots, especially voice bots, in their interactions with companies. According to a study by Capgemini, Conversational Commerce: Why Consumers Are Embracing Voice Assistants in Their Lives, it is expected that within the next three years:

  • The participation of bots in customer conversations will rise by up to 40%.
  • Virtual assistants will revolutionize customer relationships.
  • Twenty-five percent of customers will prefer to use a virtual assistant instead of a company website.

Today bots are available on mobile and desktop devices and via multiple channels, such as mobile apps, websites, social media platforms, instant messengers, and smart speakers. They are used in many industries. Large retail companies use them to help with shopping, check order statuses, proactively suggest other products, and automatically drive cross-selling opportunities. In the banking sector, where digital assistants already support the most frequent inquiries or customer complaints, bots are a hot topic. For example, the British  bank Barclays allows its consumers in Africa to transfer funds via smartphone with simple voice commands: “Hey Siri, send Sara £15 with Barclays.”

Bots are also present in offices. For example, bots can read company FAQ or policy documents for something like travel and expense. With one click, a bot can answer employee questions about when they can book business class. L’Oréal employs bots in HR for recruiting, while Capgemini, includes them in digital workplace service offerings, such as the Connected Employee Experience, which links workplace, office, and employees.

SAP recently acquired a French startup which has now been rebranded as SAP Conversational AI. provides a development environment that uses natural language processing and helps in the rapid development of chatbots using its sophisticated NLP framework that provides natural language interaction for consumer-facing channels. SAP Conversational AI brilliantly complements SAP CoPilot which is positioned as a digital assistant for enterprise users and also acts as a bot integration hub for the enterprise community. is fundamentally a collaborative bot building platform where global training of models is undertaken by thousands of users who use the platforms to build their own bots.

To build your first chatbot with SAP Conversational AI, create an account on SAP Conversational AI! It’s free. Then read How To Build Your First Chatbot With SAP Conversational AI and How to design smart bots with bot training.


The really interesting game changer technology that uses bots is the SAP CoPilot.
SAP CoPilot is the digital assistant and bot integration hub for the enterprise. It provides a more natural user experience with a voice-enabled conversational interface, supporting user requests and proactively making recommendations and suggesting actions. It integrates the enterprise’s employee-facing chatbots, and can be accessed through various channels.

SAP CoPilot will become smarter over time as machine learning develops, allowing us to identify a wide range of business situations where a digital assistant would save time and effort. It could help you manage contracts by notifying you about expiries, making recommendations or clarifying situations. Integral to your SAP master data, so if you are a purchaser and need to create an order, it will know you need to raise a purchase order, if you are in a commercial sales position and need a sales order, SAP CoPilot will know what your role is and what you need.
It will be able to reach deep into your business tasks, whether complex or business-critical. These interactions will incrementally make SAP CoPilot more component, ultimately helping you do your job better and faster than ever before.

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