The “Edge”

In my opinion, the edge approach partially annulate need for 5G cloud-native and IoT services and will therefore certainly have an impact on the acceptance of 5G by the operators and the end users.

So, what is the “Edge”?

1. Original the Edge:

The Edge in Belfast, Nov 19 2015.jpg
2. The edge is a place, where “things” and new sources of data reside. The edge is not the data center or cloud.


Data center class compute & analytics will shift to the edge and converge with operational technology systems already at the edge. Converged OT and IT means first shifting enterprise grade IT out of the data center, and putting it on the edge – right at the sources and sinks of data and control. And, when this IT gets out there on the edge, then disparate OT functions are integrated into the same box as the IT. In sum, several IT components such as high performance processors, scalable storage, and systems management) are combined with OT components such as control systems, data acquisition systems, and industrial networks.

Benefits of compute at the edge (and not  send the edge data to the data center / cloud):


One such solution is explained in my blog XNOR Announces Self-Serve Developer Platform Powering AI on Billions of Devices.

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