Big Data In The Cloud
Through 2020, IDC predicts cloud-based Big Data and analytics technology spending will grow 4.5x faster than spending for on-premises solutions.

It became evident that “throwing more hardware at Hadoop” wasn’t as easy or fast as it should be. The cloud enables data growth in real time—just flip a switch and new machines come online. Improve business agility with near instant access to hardware resources, creating a platform that scales rapidly to meet growing business needs.
Also, you pay for the compute and storage you use, when you use it. Spin up a Hadoop cluster, analyze your data, then shut it down to stop the meter.

Undoubtedly, the cloud is beneficial for running ephemeral use cases where you want to spin up a job, get the results and shut things down. The longer running or always on use cases for streaming analytics, online applications and interactive reporting enrich this ephemeral world and typically extend into a “hybrid” architecture that spans both the data center and the cloud. Using a hybrid approach of running workloads to deliver these insights in both the data center and the cloud is becoming a more common strategy.

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