SAP HANA Active/Active (Read Enabled) System Replication

Starting with SAP HANA 2.0 active/active (read enabled) is integrated into the System Replication solution and allows read-only access on the secondary system.
Connecting to an Active/Active (read enabled) system allows you to take advantage of a secondary system for better overall performance.

There are two types of connections:

  • Explicit read-only connection to the secondary system
       For this connection type the application opens the connection to the secondary
       system. There is no session property sharing.
  • Implicit hint-based statement routing
  •    Connections to the primary system can use hint-based routing statement execution
       to the secondary system on a per-statement basis. Hint-based statement routing is
       supported by SAP HANA ODBC, SQLDBC, ADO.Net, JDBC drivers for SAP HANA
       2.0 and the SAP HANA Node.js.

The monitoring functionality in the SAP HANA cockpit supports access to the read-only system. Additionally it provides information about the delay of the currently available consistent view.

For example, by using stored procedures available in the SAP HANA database, you can perform a range of consistency checks on the database catalog and on database tables.
Running database checks affects system performance. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a system copy and run the checks there instead of on your production system. If you are running an active/active (read enabled) system you can run the checks on the read enabled secondary system.

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