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On-Premise Extensibility with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Platform can be used to extend existing SAP on-premise solutions, to enable mobile scenarios and as an outbound channel to reach consumers. Extensibility based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform use a full-fledged development platform to build extension … Nastavi čitati

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Raspberry Pi Seismograph

A personal seismographer named the Raspberry Shake https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2481780/video-685590-h264_high.mp4  

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R package to call IBM Watson services

http://columbuscollaboratory.com/News/entryid/25/cognitive-press-release Columbus Collaboratory Announces “CognizeR,” an Open Source R Extension that Accelerates Data Scientists’ Access to IBM Watson. CognizeR enhances and simplifies how two million data scientists can access and build cognitive solutions within their native development environment, https://github.com/ColumbusCollaboratory/cognizeR cognizeR … Nastavi čitati

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Predicting Cardiac Abnormalities from Phonocardiogram

https://github.com/jisaacso/DeepHeart DeepHeart is a neural network designed for the 2016 Physionet Challenge in predicting cardiac abnormalities from phonocardiogram (PCG) data. The heart sound recordings were collected from different locations on the body. The typical four locations are aortic area, pulmonic … Nastavi čitati

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Gary Kildall’s Computer Connections

People, Places, and Events in the Evolution of the Personal Computer Industry When legend speaks, others remains silent:http://s3data.computerhistory.org/kildall-p.1-78-publishable-lowres.pdf

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