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Caching & Auditing

This features is so cool that I am pretending that I don’t have insufficient privilege: Not authorized for my test user 🙂 Caching I have the following query which uses calculated view “_SYS_BIC”.”s0014459590trial.inst1/SO3″ select s.”SalesOrg”, s.”Name”, so.”Quarter”, s.”Cnt”, s.”Quantity”, s.”NetValueHRK” … Nastavi čitati

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SAP Announces Preliminary 4th Qtr and Full Yr 2015 Results

http://news.sap.com/sap-announces-preliminary-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-2015-results-2/ SAP Beats 2015 Targets – Raises 2017 Midterm Ambition Tremendous Momentum in New Cloud Bookings – Up 103% in the Full Year Cloud Subscriptions and Support Backlog, A Lead Indicator for Continued Strong Cloud Growth, Increased 45%, Reaching €3.7 … Nastavi čitati

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Data Insertion from SAP On-premise System into SAP HANA Cloud Trial

For data insertion I use HANA JDBC driver ngdbc.jar from SAP HANA Client and two R packages: R package RSAP, which implements SAP RFC connectivity for R using the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK (NW RFC SDK). This represents our connection … Nastavi čitati

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SAP HANA Cloud data available in R via JDBC HANA driver

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Microsoft Power BI Desktop + SAP HANA

I made an example where we can see the cooperation among frontend analytical tool (Microsoft Power BI Desktop) with the backend system (SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial). Data refresh time (Refresh button) is about 1 second for a whole year … Nastavi čitati

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How to Monitor Room Temperature With a Raspberry Pi

Educational and useful: https://dzone.com/articles/how-to-monitor-room-temperature-with-a-raspberry-p-2?edition=134251&utm_source=Spotlight&utm_medium=email&utm_content=queue&utm_campaign=iot%202016-01-19

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Making R the Enterprise Standard for Cross-Platform Analytics, Both On-Premises and in the Cloud

http://blogs.technet.com/b/machinelearning/archive/2016/01/12/making-r-the-enterprise-standard-for-cross-platform-analytics-both-on-premises-and-in-the-cloud.aspx Microsoft delivers many innovations and updates to help customers and partners benefit from the power of R: In June 2015, Microsoft pledged our support for the R Project by being one of the founding members of the R Consortium. … Nastavi čitati

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