Data Mining

The data mining algorithms can be considered a process of searching data to discover patterns and trends that may have some competitive element to it.
The following is one of the most commonly used definitions of data mining:

Data mining is the non-trivial extraction of previously unknown
and potentially useful information from data.

Data mining algorithms are implementations of advanced statistical and machine learning algorithms that can be used in certain problems on certain types of data to identify patterns that exist in the data. The data miner or data scientist can then examine these patterns to determine what they mean and relate them back to the business and the problem definition.

Data Mining Technique Data Mining Algorithms
Anomaly Detection One Class Support Vector Machine
Association Rule Analysis Apriori
Attribute Importance Minimum Description Length
Classification Decision Tree
  Generalized Linear Model
  Naïve Bayes
  Support Vector Machine
Clustering Expectation Maximization
  Orthogonal Partitioning Clustering
Feature Extraction Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
  Singular Value Decomposition
  Principal Component Analysis
Regression Generalized Linear Model
  Support Vector Machine
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