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How Big Data Could Change Medicine

http://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewherper/2013/12/16/from-fitbits-to-clinical-studies-how-big-data-could-change-medicine/ Video from Forbes Healthcare Summit focused on how ‘big data’ will change the way that doctors treat patients.  

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DMS Spy Notification Framework

The Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS) measures and reports metrics, trace events and system performance and provides a context correlation service for these components. DMS enables Oracle Fusion Middleware components to provide administration tools, such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, with … Nastavi čitati

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How IBM, SAP, and Oracle Organized Big Data

http://www.clabbyanalytics.com/uploads/BLU.pdf The bottom line in comparing these three architectures is that there are some common-alities in the ways that each vendor approaches Big Data analytics – but there are also some very distinct differences. These differences manifest themselves in database … Nastavi čitati

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