DB2 Express-C 10 is now out

IBM has just released version 10.1 of DB2 Express-C for Linux, Unix, and Windows. This is a major upgrade that boasts a number of additions and improvements.

The already excellent performance has been improved further (including XML performance), and the free edition now takes advantage of up to 4 GB of RAM (but you can have as much RAM on the server as you wish). As usual, there are no limits on database size, number of users, etc — unlike other free versions of commercial databases that are offered by Microsoft and Oracle.

FEATURE DB2 Express-C 10.1 SQL Server 2012 Express Oracle 11g Express Edition
Max CPUs 1 (Up to 2 Cores) 1 (Up to 4 Cores) 1
Max RAM 4 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Max DB Size Unlimited 10 GB 11 GB
32/64 bit 32/64 bit 32/64 bit 32 bit
Supported OS Windows/Linux/Unix & Mac* Windows only Windows/Linux only

By buying a completely optional subscription for $2,150 a year, DB2 Express-C FTL (Fixed Term License) will use up to 8 GB of memory, 4 cores (as opposed to the 2 cores used by the free edition), adds 24/7 support, and a bunch of high-end features such as HADR (High-Availability and Disaster Recovery), row, column, and label access control, etcetera.

Among the numerous new features present within the free edition, you’ll find:

  • Support for historical reporting through Time Travel Query. In a nutshell, this cool new feature allows you to query the database at the state it was in at a given time or within a given period in the past.
  • Compatibility with Oracle is now up to 98%, which means that you can easily switch most applications without running into any headaches.
  • Support for SPARQL and RDF has also been baked in, allowing DB2 to act as a NoSQL storage solution.
  • Control Center has been discontinued in favor of the much more powerful IBM Data Studio.
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